Volunteer in Public Safety (VIPS)

Police Department:


Job Description

Position Summary

Under the direction of the Administrative Services Police Sergeant, performs various duties in

supporting the mission and projects of the Police Department. Functional areas include Patrol, Trail

Patrol, Records, Animal Services, Victim Services & Support Staff. This is an unpaid volunteer position

that may require written and electronic communications, attention to detail, physical exertion, and/or

exposure to extreme and potentially hazardous working conditions.

Essential Functions (Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the

following tasks, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics. The list of tasks is illustrative only and is not a comprehensive

listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class.) Not all VIPS positions will require all of these

functions, however this is an example of the functions that may be performed.

1. Serving witness subpoenas, summons and other papers for legal service.

2. Battery replacement & monthly equipment inspection for Project Lifesaver.

3. General parking enforcement including issuance of parking citations and warnings.

4. Identifying and tagging abandoned vehicles. Assisting patrol officers in verifying and

impounding abandoned vehicles.

5. Graffiti and Nuisance reporting/abatement.

6. Traffic control on crashes, road closures, special events, or emergency incidents.

7. Deploy Radar Trailers at various locations in response to speeding complaints.

8. School Crossing Guard duties.

9. Patrol the Bike Path / Trails within St. George on UTV, bicycle or E-bike.

10. Assist Animal Services / Animal Shelter staff with related tasks as needed.

11. Assist Victim Services Unit with paperwork, filing, and public outreach.

12. Assist in the Investigations Division with data entry, transcription, data tracking and related


13. Paperwork filing and related duties assisting the Records Unit.

14. Planning and logistics for various Police Department events.

15. Plan and participate in Public Outreach activities.

16. Perform VIN inspections and complete the associated documents.

17. Attend Training Meetings on the first Thursday of each month in the evening.

18. Complete at least 4 shifts per month, preferably at least once per week.

19. Performs other duties as assigned.

Typical Physical/Mental Demands/Working Conditions

This position may require light physical effort in an office environment or outside including exposure to

the elements such as heat, cold, dampness, fumes, noise, dust, or grease. An elevated level of alertness is

required to fulfill job responsibilities. Subject to exposure to environmental and/or physical hazards.

Must have mobility and physical agility equal to assigned tasks so as to intervene in situations that

present danger to children or self. Minimal to moderate physical activity. Required to lift equipment,

typically less than 25 lbs at a time. Frequent exposure to stress as a result of human behavior. Difficult

working positions, including standing, walking, or sitting uncomfortably for extended periods. Shifts

may include weekday, weekend and evening work for various assignments, special events and programs.

Minimum Qualifications


A desire to help others and further the mission of the St. George Police Department, which is to work

with the citizens of St. George to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote

individual responsibility and community commitment.

Experience: Demonstrate positive work experience with no terminations for cause. Specific

experience, volunteer service, community involvement, and/or prior involvement with the City of St.

George and/or St. George Police Department programs will receive additional consideration.

Licenses and/or Certifications: Some assignments may require the volunteer to possess a valid Utah

driver license, which must be maintained, in order to continue in this position.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:

Any prior knowledge or skills related to the essential functions listed above or others that may

benefit the St. George Police Department.


● Skilled in work management and assisting other police department personnel.

● Interpersonal communication skills.

● Public relation skills.

● Skilled in the operation of a City owned vehicle or UTV.

● Defensive driving techniques.

● Computer skills including email, form submissions, data processing, word processing, and

spreadsheets as directed by specific assignments.

Ability to:

● Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

● Follow directions, policies, procedures and laws.

● Establish and maintain effective working relations with the public, administration and other


● Prioritize tasks.

● Pay attention to detail.

● Work well under pressure and impending deadlines.

● Relate well with a variety of persons under varying circumstances.

● Analyze a situation and make sound recommendations and presentations.

● Manage multiple projects at a time.

● React effectively in emergency and stress situations.

● Use a computer, printer, camera, copier and cell / telephone system regularly.

● Exhibit imagination, initiative, and problem solving capability.

● Set up cones and effectively direct traffic around emergency scenes.

● Interpret civil parking/abandoned vehicle codes and address violations effectively

To Apply

Submit a completed City of St. George Employment Application online at careers.sgcity.org. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. This Position closes 02/21/2023 05:00 PM. Refer questions to Human Resources at 435-627-4670. Pre-employment drug screening and criminal background screen are required. The City of St. George is an inclusive Equal Employment Opportunity employer that considers applicants without regard to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. We make reasonable efforts to provide reasonable accommodation to disabled candidates.